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HoS is a safety- and consent-forward private clubhouse, only open to (vaccinated) monthly members and their guests. Your membership helps sustain this unique community and the Gemini & Scorpio Loft, allows us to have an accountability system, and keeps tickets affordable. It also allows us to keep vaccination status on file for everyone, and offers a tracing system in case of infection. And since we're also capping our event sizes post-pandemic, it seemed only fair to offer those tickets to members first and foremost.

In return, you can save 20-100% on all events throughout the year. Think of it as our version of Patreon: you get perks, and we get sustainability. Memberships range from $5-55 per month, saving you an additional $5 per level all the way to the top tier, where ALL events are included. The suggested base level is Friend: $15/month gets you $5 off all events and the ability to add up to two guests to your reservation. If you're just feeling things out, the Buddy level ($5/month) allow access to all events, but without any discounts or the ability to add guests. There's no minimum commitment, and you can stop payments anytime.

Ready to join us? Sign up below (desktop works better than mobile). If the system is being buggy, try going direct to our Wild Apricot member site. A member already? Log in to see tickets. If you still don't see tickets to an approval-required event, it means we don't have your approved status on file in the membership system. Please follow approval instructions here. If you need help with the membership system, please reach out to Mx Fox, our helper with all things HoS. If the issue you're having is changing membership levels, please follow instructions here.

Please note that the HoS mailing list runs outside of the membership system. To get event invites, sign up in the right column.

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