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Alert for all current members as of 2.1.21: Wild Apricot has discontinued support for existing PayPal subscriptions. We've updated the system to accept credit cards directly through Stripe. Please log in and update your payment method, so we can keep receiving your valuable support. Thank you!


Both discounted monthly-member tickets and regular-priced tickets are available below. You don't need to be a member to buy regular tickets, just click on the event you're interested in. Members should log in to see their discounted ticket levels. All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST); if you're joining us via video, check your local time here.

While we're in the pandemic and doing virtual events, we're also accepting direct donations in lieu of ticket purchases. Can't afford the ticket price? Donate what you can via Venmo and mention the event for Zoom password.

What's the monthly membership program? It's a way to have our guests help sustain this beautiful community and unique space, and in the process save 50-100% on all events throughout the year. It also helps us keep tickets affordable for everyone. Memberships range from $5-55 per month, and are calculated to be a savings if you attend as few as two events in that time frame. Think of it as our version of Patreon, except we're not locking down our offerings behind a paywall. Even $5 a month -- the equivalent of buying us a cup of coffee -- helps tremendously. There's no minimum commitment, but we ask for at least three months as a courtesy.

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