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As we reopen post-pandemic, House of Scorpio is locking down for safety. We will now operate as a private clubhouse open only to vaccinated monthly members and their guests. Not only does the membership program allow us to keep vaccination status on file for everyone, but it offers a tracing system in (very unlikely) case of infection. And since we're also capping our event sizes for the moment, it seemed only fair to offer those few tickets to members first and foremost.

Your membership helps sustain this beautiful community and unique space, and in the process you can save 50-100% on all events throughout the year. It also helps us keep tickets affordable for everyone. Memberships range from $5-55 per month, and are calculated to be a savings if you attend as few as two events in that time frame. Think of it as our version of Patreon, or a recurring monthly donation that comes with perks. Even $5 a month -- the equivalent of buying us a cup of coffee -- helps tremendously.

There's no minimum commitment, but we ask for at least three months as a courtesy.

Here's our full COVID safety plan going forward:
- Proof of vaccination is required to attend and will be added to your member profile for future check-ins. We strongly recommend the official NY State Excelsior app, but you can also show your original vaccination card and photo ID (no copies of either).
- Access is by advance ticket purchase only; no door sales. Tip: download the Wild Apricot app for easy mobile ticket purchase, especially if buying last minute. Tickets are available online throughout the event unless we reach capacity.
- Contact information is collected for all guests in case it's needed for contact tracing in an unlikely case of infection.
- For events at our Loft, two hospital-grade UV air purifiers (Airpura UV 600) will cycle the air, each rated for 2k sq ft/hour turnover.
- No masks are required for our vaccinated & ventilated gatherings, but you're welcome to still wear yours if you'd like.
- All G&S staff have been vaccinated, but may still choose to mask up as well.

Ready to join us? For NYC in-person events: members should log in to see tickets. For virtual events: see below for tickets. All event start times are Eastern Standard Time (EST); check your local time here.

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