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Every second Friday of the month, HoS hosts pervy-community-building make-out parties (think of them as rated R instead of X), called Lip Service. These are the place to get to know your fellow kinksters and get approved for the more naughty play parties. Throughout the year, we also host play events (Countdown is the current favorite) and Bedroom Badass, a series of poly- and kink-friendly relationship workshops. Details for upcoming events are below.

PAL/volunteering note: If you're a HoS regular in good standing, and your PAL is absent for a play event, you can volunteer and attend without a PAL. If you're new to our parties, you cannot attend without a PAL under any circumstances. You're welcome to drop a note to scorpio at this site for future volunteer consideration. Your best bet, though, is to approach us at Lip Service about volunteering in the future. Lip Service always requires a PAL / doesn't have volunteer roles.

Every second Friday: Lip Service (a pansexual kissing & cocktails party)

Upcoming 2017 dates: March 10, April 10, May 12
Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife | RSVP below

10pm-late, 21+ (25+ suggested), $15 with RSVP/$20 without
Gemini & Scorpio Loft, Gowanus, BK - address form below
Please arrive with a PAL and be familiar with our Code of Conduct

Bring your best lips (yours and your PAL's), and join us for lubricating cocktails and naughty games with sexy friends and intriguing strangers. Bring toys & games to share (blindfolds? rope? sexy dice?). Foreplay happy hour 10-11pm with $4 beer and $5 well drinks.

Think of our makeout parties as community mixers--a place to get to know your fellow kinksters, introduce a partner to a more playful lifestyle, and maybe even find a future PAL--before attending the more naughty play parties. It's also a way for us to vet you in person for such parties (talk to us at the event).

Dress to be kissed: flirty, sexy and fun / party duds. No casual or business attire; door man WILL turn you away. TimeOut said it best: "convention-busting clothing with a sexy, creative flair" -- point being that you're the kind of person that already dresses this way, not someone trying to force themselves into a costume just to get in. Fetish attire, formalwear, lingerie, corsets, tutus and costumes always welcome...and we consider those unisex options (the more colorful and outrageous, the better). Please don't email us asking what to wear: getting past this challenge is part of the process, and draws a community of like-minded arty freaks togther.

RSVP note: while you can PAL a couple as well as a single person, if your group is more than three, please split it up into two sets of PALs. Each PAL must RSVP with their own email, so we can get in touch in case of a problem. There are no "plus ones."

Note for straight male-male PALs: This is a pansexual event welcoming ALL shades of sexual self-identity. Come prepared to participate in sexy party games that include other men (straight, bi, gay, visually identifying as female, etc). If you can't handle mild physical contact with another man in the context of a party game, this is not the right event for you. Be forewarned: our doorman might ask you to kiss each other at the door. If you're only coming to hit on girls, you're breaking our "no cruising" rule and are not welcome.

Note for hetero couples: That last sentence applies to you too. No unicorn hunters, please.

Lip Service RSVP
Please RSVP with one email per person, so we can match PALs at the door and get in touch if needed.
No email = not an RSVP = pay full price at door.
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Sat, Feb 25: Countdown: a pansexual play party

Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife

10pm-late (doors close at 11:45pm), 21+ (25+ suggested)
$25 before Feb 10 incl at 2.10 Lip Service / $35 after / $40 door to pre-approved members in good standing, if available
Gemini & Scorpio Loft, Gowanus, BK - use form below for address
To buy tickets: email us with a link to your and your PAL's Facebook or other detailed online profile to get approved ["scorpio" at this site]
Please arrive with a PAL and be familiar with our Code of Conduct

A hybrid event experiment: part cocktail party, part makeout party, part play party. The countdown begins when doors open at 10pm: it's a mix-and-mingle cocktail party for the first hour. At 11, all regular makeout party rules apply: all the clothes stay on, and all playtime is PG13-rated. But at 12am, all restrictions lift, and the party can take its natural course (please arrive by 11:45pm, though you can leave anytime).

Dress to be kissed: sexy and fun. Fetish, lingerie and costume attire always welcome. No casual or business; door man WILL turn you away. See Lip Service description above for acceptable dress code. We also have a helpful thread on good menswear on our FB group (feel free to add recommendations).

If you haven't been to our loft, we have: lots of couches, massage tables or other play surfaces; a fake-grass rooftop "lawn" to get playful on; beams, upright posts and an outdoor point to rig to; and complete privacy from the street. Bring toys & games to share (blindfolds? rope? sexy dice?). This being a full-on play party, other toys are welcome too. We'll provide basic safety supplies, but you should always come prepared.

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Please note: this does NOT mean you're approved to buy tickets at door

Sundays, March 3 - April 27, 2016: Bedroom Badass: Bondage Bootcamp | Buy tickets

March 3, Basic training 1 - Bondage intro: Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife
March 20, Basic training 2 - Practical restraint: Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife
Sun, April 3: Basic training 3: Pretty restraint
Sun, April 17: Basic training 4: Tie'em up and... (Bondage for sex)
If any of the classes sell out or you can't make it (and there's enough interest), we can host make-up classes on Sundays March 27, April 10 & 24. Please let us know if you would like to reserve a spot. Additionally, if there's enough interest, we have another 4-class series prepared for advance bondage skills (see below).

3-6pm, 21+ (25+ suggested), $20 first class / $40 all others, Gemini & Scorpio Loft, Gowanus, BK - use form below for address
No PAL or dress-up requirement; no experience needed for first two classes / past classes or equivalent experience required for the last two classes; all materials provided

This workshop series is designed for anyone interested in the trust, fun, and excitement that comes with exploring the concept of bondage and power exchange. Don't worry if you know nothing about it, or even if it scares you a little: we'll take you from the very beginning all the way to practical play. And if you're not new to the idea, you can jump in anywhere along the way to brush up on basics, pick up new tying skills or just practice in a safe and welcoming environment.

March 3

We begin with a guided tour of the world of bondage. In this interactive class we will discuss the different ways many find it appealing and how to make it work for you as part of your personal exploration. We will teach you how to safely explore the forbidden with the trust of your partner and how to develop and keep that trust. We will also introduce you to Erin Houdini, our rope expert teaching most of this series.

We will cover: bondage safety; psychological appeal and exploration; the key components of a good bondage scene; intro to rope and a demo with Erin Houdini; alternative bondage demos including: ready-made restraints, clothing, saran wrap and more

March 20

This very hands-on class will consist of a tutorial of rope handling, limb ties and body ties, and how they can be used singularly or in conjunction with each other to create an erotically charged rope scene. We will cover: Rope handling: tension, wrapping, cinching, locking; Limb restraint: single and double column ties, frogties; Full body ties: chest harnesses, crotch ropes, handcuff belts, hogties

This class focuses on practice more than theory: you'll be spending most of your time actively engaged in the skills we're teaching. You will also have individual teacher attention as you practice. No materials or experience required to attend. As always, we'll leave dedicated Q&A time at the end of the session to give you time to speak directly to our teacher, and get your feedback on this and possible future workshops.


Our teacher is Sean Simpson, who has spent six years teaching various classes at some of the largest events in the kink scene, including Dark Odyssey, Winterfire, and Chrysalis. Sean has trained professionally in psychology, anatomy & physiology, and massage therapy, and privately with experts in everything from wax play to predicament bondage. Sean's classes include How to Argue as a Couple, Seductive Massage, Sensory Play, Sensual Wax Play, How to Talk Dirty, Predicament Bondage and even Knife Play. We'll be offering some of these in this series.

Special guest teacher: Erin Houdini, a rope mistress and escape artist in the business of uniquely colored rope and restrictive restraint. A teacher by trade, she brings style and substance to her workshops, striving to make rope bondage accessible and logical, yet still intuitive and artistic. She also sells beautiful hand-dyed brightly colored nylon rope, on her site and during her classes. Outside the bondage world, she’s known for her online activism and essays on gender, sexuality, and consent.

Bedroom Badass is our series of workshops to take couples and individuals through various steps in opening up their relationships, or in exploring more adventurous sexual experiences. We've noticed there are many of you for whom our parties are that exciting first step, and we thought we could help you more along the way by having these small, dedicated, hands-on sessions.

If there's enough interest, we will host these advanced, smaller workshops in May-June ($50-80, depending on how many people interested):
- Intermediate Training 1: Tight bondage
- Intermediate Training 2: Partial suspensions
- Advanced Training 1: Intro to full suspension
- Advanced Training 2: Suspension bondage
Please let us know if you would like to reserve a spot. The sooner we have a minimum number of students, the sooner we can confirm the classes.

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