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Fri 12.14 - Lip Service
Sun 12.16 - Sex Lit
Sat 12.22 - Countdown
Fri & Sat 12.28-29 - Eros

We host a few ongoing monthlies, from mixers to full-on playtime. Under Cover (every third Thur of the month), our pervy-community-building mixer, is the best place to start if you're new, want facilitated introductions and detailed explanations of how it all works -- and would enjoy seeing and mingling with some weird & wonderful burlesque and variety performers. If you're feeling more adventurous, our makeout party Lip Service (every second Fri) is the event we're most well known for...think of it as rated R instead of X. It's also the place to get approved for the more naughty parties -- like Countdown (every fourth Sat).

Our third Sundays of the month are all about creating sexiness for your brain, not just your body, by alternating Sex Lit, our erotic book club with famed pornographer Stoya, with her erotic film club, Rated Sex, and, if Stoya is not in town, Bedroom Badass, a series of poly- and kink-friendly relationship workshops). And a few times a year we throw down with Saints and Sinners, a luscious creeper-free pop-up strip club, and Eros, our unique co-production with the famed upscale erotic performance party LUST. And of course you never know what other unpredictable sex-positive events we may come up with. Dates and details for all upcoming events are below and are easiest to receive via our mailing list, just to the right -->

If you're a frequent guest, or would like to support the sex-positive work we do, please consider a monthly membership. For as little as $5/month, you can help HoS exist and attend our events FREE or 25-50% off.

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Every fourth Thursday: Under Cover (burlesque salon & HoS member mixer)

Upcoming 2018 dates: None. UC will be back in 2019!
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8pm-12am, 21+ (25+ suggested)
$10 including show / poly special: 3 tix for $25 / FREE for monthly members
Gemini & Scorpio Loft, Gowanus, BK - fill out form on top of page for address auto-reply
No PAL or dress code requirement, but HoS Code of Conduct always applies

Calling all poly, swinger, kink, LGBTQIA and other "alternative" dating, sex & gender folks and their allies. We're creating a protected and judgment-free space for connections, conversations and community.

For those of you new to it all: direct introductions to HoS members new and old; facilitated discussions on poly, kink and swinger lifestyles; icebreaker games to get you in the mood. For our regulars: a way to ease new friends into our scene; a chance to meet all the new faces you may want to kiss later; a visit with the community even if your PAL is not around. For everyone: gender-fucking burlesque and variety, a charming hostess to make the introductions, and an informal setting for conversations and future kisses.

8-9pm: games and direct introductions with your host and social connector for the night, Kita St Cyr, the caramel cutie with the apple booty. 9-10pm: mingle with and enjoy performances by (usually weird, queer, non-traditional) burlesque performers. 10pm-close: drinks & socializing. This delightful evening is created for you by Kita St Cyr on behalf of HoS.

Please note: while no PALs are required to attend this event, we are serious about keeping all our events a zero-creeper zone. We appreciate everyone helping us call out those who break our Code of Conduct and make guests feel uncomfortable -- please speak up to them directly, and report them to our host & staff. We would also love to work with our regulars to create an official safety monitor team; please get in touch.

Every second Friday: Lip Service (a pansexual kissing & cocktails party)

Upcoming 2018 dates: Dec 14
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9pm-late, 21+ (25+ suggested)
$20 with RSVP / $25 without / $0-$10 for monthly members
Gemini & Scorpio Loft, Gowanus, BK - fill out form on top of page for address auto-reply
Please arrive with a PAL and be familiar with our Code of Conduct, including dress code

NEW FOR 2018! We are moving our member mixer & burlesque lounge Under Cover to its own night, but in the meantime we want to try something new. We'll be opening doors an hour early, and our fabulous burlesque hostess and social connector Kita St. Cyr will be here 9-11pm to introduce new members to old timers, explain how the whole HoS thing works, and generally make a delightful fuss over your presence. There's no separate door cover for this pre-makeout mixer - it will be included in Lip Service cost. We're going to bring back our foreplay happy hour 9-10pm with $2 PBR, $4 Yuengling and $6 well drinks.

Bring your luscious lips (yours and your PAL's), and join us for lubricating cocktails and naughty games with sexy friends and intriguing strangers. Bring toys & games to share (blindfolds? rope? sexy dice?).

Think of our makeout parties as community mixers--a place to get to know your fellow kinksters, introduce a partner to a more playful lifestyle, and maybe even find a future PAL--before attending the more naughty play parties. It's also the place to get approved for those events & buy tickets for each month's Countdown.

Dress to be kissed: sexy and fun. Fetish, lingerie and costume attire always welcome. No casual or business; door man WILL turn you away. See Code of Conduct for detailed dress code description.

Note for straight male-male PALs: This is a pansexual event welcoming ALL shades of gender & sexual self-identity. Come prepared to participate in sexy party games that include other men, as well as queer or trans individuals. If you can't handle mild physical contact with these guests in the context of these games, this is not the right event for you. Be forewarned: our doorman might ask you to kiss each other at the door. If you're only coming to hit on girls, you're breaking our "no cruising" rule and are not welcome.

Note for hetero couples: That last sentence applies to you too. No unicorn hunters, please.

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Every fourth Saturday (if our loft is available): Countdown: a pansexual play party

Upcoming 2018 dates: Dec 22 - Annual holiday edition!
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10pm-late (doors close at 11:45pm), 21+ (25+ suggested), approval required for ticket purchase
$40 adv / $50 at door to approved guests in good standing, if available / $0-$20 for monthly members
Gemini & Scorpio Loft, Gowanus, BK - fill out form on top of page for address auto-reply
You must arrive with a PAL and be familiar with our Code of Conduct, including dress code

Part cocktail party, part makeout party, part play party. The countdown begins when doors open at 10pm: it's a mix-and-mingle cocktail party for the first hour. At 11, all regular makeout party rules apply: all the clothes stay on, and all playtime is PG13-rated. But at 12am, all restrictions lift; the door is locked, and the party can take its natural course. Please arrive by 11:45pm, though you can leave anytime.

This is our annual-favorite holiday edition. Make out under the mistletoe. Sit in Santa's (vibrating) lap. Reward the nice or be punished for being naughty in Santa's Spanking Station (BYO spanking tools). Find out if it's better to give or receive in our Sexy Secret Santa Swap (bring a wrapped "sexy" gift: naughty or nice, around $10). We'll keep you warm with spiked cider and hot toddies.

Theme dress or costume suggested: horny reindeer, lecherous elves, slutty snowflakes, cross-dressing snow queens, misfit toys, curious penguins, kinky Krampus devils, warped Grinches, Santas, and Hanukkah Harrys. Our usual dress code is fine too.

If you haven't been to our loft, we have: lots of couches, massage tables and other play surfaces; a fake-grass rooftop "lawn" to get playful on; beams, upright posts and an outdoor point to rig to; and complete privacy from the street. Bring toys & games to share (blindfolds...rope...restraints...floggers). This being a full-on play party, other toys are welcome too. We'll provide basic safety supplies, but you should always come prepared.

Every third Sunday: Sex Lit (Stoya's Book Club) or Rated Sex (Stoya's Film CLub)

Upcoming 2018 dates: Dec 16 (Rated Sex)
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6-9pm, 21+ (25+ suggested)
$20 (limited tickets) / $0-$10 for monthly members
Gemini & Scorpio Loft, Gowanus, BK - fill out form on top of page for address auto-reply
No PAL or dress code requirement, but HoS Code of Conduct always applies

The body's largest sex organ is the brain. We have stimulated yours with books; now we turn our attention to film. What makes a scene or film truly erotic? How do you sort through the endless megabytes of mediocre porn to find unique gems? Let pornographer Stoya show you the way.

This month, we're watching Ricky Greenwood's Talk Derby to Me, which explores the close relationships and competitive nature of a women’s roller derby team. Stoya herself stars in the film, alongside Joanna Angel, Katrina Jade, Elsa Jean, Gia Paige, Sovereign Syre, Arabelle Raphael and Carmen Caliente.

A less formal format than the book club, this will be more a cocktail party with hand-picked porn, facilitated discussion, and mingling after.

In case you've been living under a rock: Stoya has been a pornographer for over a decade. She was awarded Best New Starlet by her industry, and is most known for her appearance in Clayton Cubitt's Hysterical Literature.

Stoya's Book Club, a teaser.

Every third Sunday, if Stoya is not around: Bedroom Badass

Upcoming 2018 dates: July 15 - Bedroom Badass: A "Hands In" Guide to Fisting with Vonka
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6-9pm, 21+ (25+ suggested)
$40 (limited tickets) / $0-$20 for monthly members
Gemini & Scorpio Loft, Gowanus, BK - fill out form on top of page for address auto-reply
No PAL or dress code requirement, but HoS Code of Conduct always applies

Ever wanted to try fisting? Have you been intrigued but thought it was too extreme? Then this class may be for you! From 101 to 401 level information, we will guide you through everything you need to know about Fisting; why people enjoy it, how intimate it can be, important anatomy, and how to give or receive a human fist. We will end with a live demonstration with an experienced bottom, Chiffon, who will be able to answer questions and provide a bottom's prospective.

Some topics to be covered:
- Human Anatomy
- Desire to try and emotional benefits
- Preparing physically and practically
- Anal vs. vaginal fisting
- A live demonstration(!)

We'll provide you with any relevant props and exercise breaks to make your learning hands-on, and, as always, will leave dedicated Q&A time to allow you to speak directly to our teacher.

Our teacher: Vonka is a BDSM event organizer, and burlesque & fetish performer. Vonka has been a sex worker and active leader in the kink community for eight years. Her experiences range from orchestrating both small and large group sex scenes to extreme S&M.

Bedroom Badass is our series of workshops to take couples and individuals through various steps in opening up their relationships, or in exploring more adventurous sexual experiences. We've noticed there are many of you for whom our parties are that exciting first step, and we thought we could help you along the way by having these small, dedicated, hands-on sessions.

Fri, Oct 26: Persephone - secret dungeon fetish Halloween

Buy tickets | Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife

9pm-4am, 21+ (25+ suggested)
Advance tix: $30 general or $40 w/dungeon access / Door tix, if avail: $40 GA or $50 dungeon
Member tix (dungeon included): $0-$30 adv / $0-40 door
New private location: 1467 Bedford Ave, Crown Heights, BK*
No PAL requirement for this event except in dungeon if not accompanied by one of our dommes. HoS Code of Conduct always applies

As autumn's chill stills the air, Persephone once again journeys to the underworld to bring redemption and pleasure to its denizens and to seek out her immortal lover Hades. Taste the sacred pomegranate and join us in a modern recrafting of the sacred and erotic Eleusian mysteries.

A dark and haunting mix of dance, performance, sensory experience and kink play, Persephone is a fetish Halloween celebration. Featuring interactive experiences by Sex Wolf (electricity), Nola Bunny (sensory), Jackie Skye (wax), Rob Romeo (fire). Aerial and fire performance by Bella Vita. DJs Ceremony (Svmmon: a dark dance experience, Disintegration - The Cure immersion party) and James David (Glamdammit, Svmmon) keep you dancing all night with goth, industrial, synth, dark 80s, new wave, electro.

Special dungeon area with play equipment and expert dommes Vonka, Lydia Vengeance, Miscallaneous Domme Top and Lethal Kit. Explore your darkest desires at their hands, or bring your dates & your toys. Rigging points available for suspension play. Consent and polite party behavior strictly enforced.

Welcome to our underworld.

Dress code: gods and goddesses, damned souls, gothic, fetish, dark Lolita, neo-Victorian, steampunk, ninja warrior, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice. Effort required / no casual wear.

*Gorgeously finished private high-ceiling brick-and-wood loft with roof deck. Address will be released 24 hours before the event.

Next date TBA: Saints & Sinners: pop-up strip club party

Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife

See the previous strip club photos on Facebook here

9pm-3am, 21+ (25+ suggested), approval required for ticket purchase
$25 presale ($45 with reserved seating*) / $0-$15 ($20-35 with reserved seating*) for monthly members
$30 at door before 12am / $20 after to approved guests in good standing, if available
Gemini & Scorpio Loft, Gowanus, BK - fill out form on top of page for address auto-reply
Please arrive with a PAL and be familiar with our Code of Conduct, including dress code

For one night only, our sexy clubhouse becomes a full-on strip club, with a pole stage, an array of lap dance-ready seating....and a play-friendly Champagne Room. There will be six dancers to entertain you: each a hand-picked burlesque, pole or circus star stepping outside the boundaries of their genre to spend the whole night dancing for you on stage and in your lap. Featuring:

Once the dancers are done at 1am, the stage is yours to shake your booty on. Live out your strip fantasies on our stage as DJ Ceremony provides the beats late into the night.

Rules of the club: the usual dress code & code of conduct apply / Countdown rules in Champagne Room. Read the website. Dress up. Tip generously (dancers, wait & bar staff). Get lap dances (they're the best part, and only $10). Respect the dancers. Keep your hands to yourself (or your partner). Nudity is fine on the stage, but no private parts on our furniture. Come early for the best seats!

*Reserved seats ($45) include: 9pm admission + a seat at a 4-person table with a view of both stages + wait service + access to reserved lap dance seat

12.28 - Eros: Black // 12.29 - Eros: Red

Event on Facebook | Event on FetLife

9pm-late (doors close at 11:45pm), 21+ (25+ suggested), approval required for ticket purchase
$50-70 (all ticket levels offer the same access to the event; please support at the level you can afford)
$0-$35 for monthly members
Gemini & Scorpio Loft, Gowanus, BK - fill out form on top of page for address auto-reply
Please arrive with a PAL and be familiar with our Code of Conduct, including dress code

Two nights of exploring desire from House of Scorpio, purveyors of the infamous underground makeout & play parties, and LUST, makers of extravagant erotic nightlife. Eros is a unique combination of erotic performance and physical experience, with Friday [Eros: Black] focusing on fetish and kink, and Saturday [Eros: Red] on sensory exploration and sensual play. Come prepared for a night of full immersion and interaction. Touching, nudity & kink play are encouraged throughout, but please wait until midnight to fully engage with your partners, when the party rating goes from NC-17 to decidedly X.

Strict dress code for a full fantasy environment: over-the-top sexiness, decorated nudity, lingerie, fetish, leather, lace, latex, rubber, vinyl, straps, corsets, tutus, steampunk, dandy, neo-Victorian, goth, dark Lolita, fantasy, festival. TimeOut said it best: "convention-busting clothing with a sexy, creative flair." If in doubt, go formal. Suits OK for men, if worn with ties and other accessories - don't look like you're going to a meeting. No casual or business attire; door man WILL turn you away. Yes, you can change when you get here.

Eros: Black

Leather and lace. Blindfolds and handcuffs. Whips and chains. Pleasure and pain.

Step into our dungeon and give in to your darkest passions. Escape reality and bring out your inner dom(me) or sub...along with your favorite implements of torture and ecstatic pleasure. Watch or play. Don't know how? We'll teach you...or perhaps some of our other guests will.

~ St Andrew's Cross flogging station
~ Torture play station
~ Spanking
~ Rope play
~ Electric flogging
~ Violet Wand electro-stim
~ Rigging point for shibari and suspension play
~ Dog cage for your pets or subs
~ Multiple rigging points

Eros: Red

A night of sensory exploration, with multiple "sensation stations" for you to experience everything from softest touch to pain-as-pleasure. Ask and you shall receive permission to engage in a night of hedonistic abandon. The night begins with Lip Service style make-out sessions, Spin the Bottle and other games, and turns into an everything-permitted play party after 12am.

Featured stations:
~ The night begins with Lip Service style make-out sessions, Spin the Bottle and other games
~ Massage
~ Sensory play station
~ Electric flogging
~ Hot wax play
~ Plenty of play areas for your full satisfaction, including a swing
~ Multiple rigging points