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Some of our events require individual approval prior to ticket purchase (those that don't have a RSVP or ticket link in the event details). When approval is required, please follow the steps below. For all events, you must first read our PAL requirements and code of conduct, which includes dress code.

To get our loft address anytime, fill out the form at the bottom of this page for an auto-reply (the address is also revealed with ticket purchase). Knowing our address does not grant you approval.

Approval instructions

- Email us ["scorpio" at this site] with direct links to yours and your PAL's most complete social media profiles. Facebook is best; OKCupid is OK; FetLife only if you have real info up about yourself; LinkedIn will make us judge you. Your personal info is not shared with anyone else in the group, but is required as a safety check to join us.
- Please allow at least 48 hours for approvals. If you email us within 24 hours of an event, we cannot guarantee a timely reply.
- You and your PAL can also get approved in person at Lip Service, as well as purchase Countdown tickets on the spot. Ask the doorman for further instructions when you get there.
- Once you're approved, you will get direct ticket links in future newsletters. You may also then buy tickets at the door, if available, by showing the doorman your approval email or the link we've sent you. We will always update the event's Facebook page with the latest ticket availability. Join the group and RSVP to the events there to get these updates.

Approvals and gender balance

In the heteronormative world, it tends to be the man taking the initiative for sexual exploration. In our world, we *strongly* prefer that the female PAL of a male/female pairing reach out: that way we know for sure she's interested, and we have a prevalence of women on the approved list. Once approved for future events, *they* can make the choice of what PAL, male or female, they're comfortable bringing with them. In everything we do, it's women, queer & trans folks to the front, and if straight dudes have a problem with that, they can just skip our parties.

Gemini and Scorpio Loft Address Form

Enter email for loft address:

Please note: this does NOT mean you have approval to buy tickets
at door for events that require it. See approval instructions above.